ambergris parlour is the brainchild of Italian-born Augusto Buzzegoli, who after ten years in Berlin relocated to Palma in 2018.

Once upon a time, Augusto was purchasing his beauty products at a German discount drugstore chain. He didn’t put much thought into the products he was using on his face, body and in his hair, while at the same time being incredibly picky about the food and drink he consumed. 

One day he woke up to this glaring contradiction, and started getting interested in natural skin and haircare. Once you have started exploring the world of clean, natural beauty, there’s no going back.

The commercial brands not only smell of chemicals, they are also often overly harsh and drying, and more often than not sold in non-earth friendly and un-imaginative packaging.

Over the years Augusto explored the world of natural beauty and perfume. The interest became an obsession, and ambergris parlour is that obsession followed to its natural conclusion: His own shop!

The beautiful and thoughtful Santa Catalina space also reflects Augusto’s background in architecture, art and design. 

ambergris aims to present clients with the best and cleanest beauty products from around the world. You won’t find any high street brands here, instead ambergris parlour chooses to work with ‘indie’ brands; smaller companies with a vision.  These manufacturers offer products that aren’t merely great, but also contains ingredients that are ethically sourced, and produced in such a way to keep the carbon footprint minimal.

All of the niche beauty brands that ambergris carries are made without GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and without artificial colours and fragrances. They are not tested on animals and mostly vegan.

Instead of harsh chemicals these products rely on miracle botanicals straight from the Mother Nature treasure chest, such as the anti-aging Hyaluronic acid, sourced from seaweed, anti-bacterial coconut oil and fragrances from resins, rocks and moss for the natural perfumes. 

Augusto also has an eye out for quirky aesthetics. But as far as packaging and plastics go, the goal is to keep reducing waste. Plastic is currently hard to fully avoid, but ambergris has scouted brands that take pride in caring for the planet.

For example, many of ambergris’ products come in glass bottles instead of the ubiquitous (and too rarely recycled) plastic counterpart. Some are creatively sold in paper packaging, and some even abandon the wrapping completely, coming at you nude as the news.

In conclusion, ambergris parlour is Palma’s sanctuary for planet-conscious beauty and perfume. For everyone wanting to smell great, look great, feel great while keeping in mind that there is no Planet B.

We are very pleased to introduce our “Niche House of Brands”

We are very pleased to introduce our “Niche House of Brands”

abel odor
Aer Scents
Austin Austin Organics
Fine Deodorant
Florascent Organic
Goldfield and Banks Australia
Lederhass Austrian Organic soap
Lusensa Candle vegan and organic

Rahua The Amazing amazonian oil
Susanne Kaufmann Susanne Kaufmann Natural Skin Care

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