Our aim is to present you with the best and cleanest beauty products from around the world. We know that true art and craft lies in the details, which means that we enjoy products that not only work well, but that comes with beautiful yet functional shapes and design, and also smell heavenly.

We promise that all the brands we carry, are not only hand-picked and tested by us, but are also paraben-free, animal-testing free and mostly vegan. We also do our best to work with companies that take sustainability seriously and treat their workers well. 

Our parlour of perfumes and tinctures is from now on inside a new beauty-corner of the concept store Lasanta&Co. in a very peaceful part of Palma’s Old Town.

We are very pleased to introduce our “Niche House of Brands”

We are very pleased to introduce our “Niche House of Brands”

abel odor
Aer Scents
Austin Austin Organics
Fine Deodorant
Florascent Organic
Goldfield and Banks Australia
Lederhass Austrian Organic soap
Lusensa Candle vegan and organic

Rahua The Amazing amazonian oil
Susanne Kaufmann Susanne Kaufmann Natural Skin Care

Opening Hours : Monday — Friday : 11 — 20

Saturday : 11 — 15

Sunday : Closed